Some Thoughts

These are some of the things that I’ve been thinking about lately,they’re not all related to each other

  • If records prove that our economy is worst than ever,then how come the purchasing power in 2009 reached $471.2 billion?? Given that the Suez canal revenues ,manufacturing ,and tourism, after the  international economic downturn slowed Egypt’s GDP growth to 4.7% in 2009?
  • why is “fish” still considered to be an expensive commodity ,even though we are “blessed” with a long river and 2 seas?!!
  • why are some voices nowadays bragging about the “gay” rights in Egypt,and that we should”accept” those people in our society and to stop turning away from them?? who the hell is responsible for promoting that,internationally and here in Egypt??? check out this website,it includes all the “health problems and disorders” that can result from homosexual relationships
  • why am I writing these down,knowing that they are well-known facts??not to everyone of course,but to some who might be “nice enough” to read this blog..?
  • why am I lacking ideas for articles?
  • Why do some people still insist on pronouncing the P as a B and vice versa,as in parpeque and bencil??each time I see this,I feel an urge to tell them.” the difference between the P and the B,is like the difference between the T and the S!! just like what Haitham Daboor said

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