The one thing that I hate most in life. Is it my fault? that I can’t fake that I love you, when I feel that I loathe the sight of you??  its one thing to deal respectfully with others(not every one of course because not all people deserve respect) and totally another to be rude to someone who hasn’t harmed you in any way just because you don’t like them! i can totally agree with that. but faking friendships and badmouthing people behind their backs is a very serious thing in my “culture”. I can make my peace with being respectful and as objective as I can be in the work place. but what about family relationships,and friends of friends??

I find it really hard to act normally around people with whom I have a strained relationship, because I’m not very well at  disguising my self and wearing masks. I can’t hide what am feeling,no matter how hard I try to.in cases like this,if I had the option of running away and avoid these situations,I will automatically do  it. but sometimes you just can’t… life forces you to face your fears and deal with them,gracefully or not,it’s up to you.

In some cases and life situations,I prefer to face problems,and if someone tries to criticize me,i like to go through that point by point,to prove my point of view.instead of acting around like another person that am not. i like to be myself I don’t like being fake or a hypocrite,,,it’s much better off to be yourself and have faith in who you are and stand out for what you believe in.


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    Aug 02, 2010 @ 10:25:24

    Very Very Nice .. and That is Why i love u .. the most ..


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