Nouveau Riche

Remember in the motion picture Titanic, when Rose’s mother refered to Kathy Bate‘s Character (Molly Brown who was on board with them) in the film by calling her “new money”?? I bet that none of you can remember,it’s just that I’ve watched this movie over a zillion times.

During the past 30 years,a new segment in our society started to emerge,because of the back then-new government policies and switching to Capitalism. so people started investing and increasing their fortunes.

This isn’t my concern,but what’s really bothering me is the “attitude and behavior” of this cult,to make myself more clear,I feel pity for them,they usually find it hard to “fit in” among their peers,specially when they’re unable  to get along with those who’ve acquired old wealth from previous generations,and money isn’t something new for them.

In my community,I find them increasing and increasing. they always seem to struggle between their modest upbringing and or “old-fashioned” parents who were the ones who took full responsibility and devoted their entire life,to make money-which by the way-the kids are fully entitled to use.whichever way they choose.

In Egypt,they usually come from rural areas or from upper Egypt,whereas these people have their own culture and traditions, they stick to old customs like,

a girl should always wear a veil,

they’re strictly religious,

they don’t believe in any sort of relationship between a girl and a boy unless its legal;they have to be married

they tend to wear a lot of gold,gold and more gold jewelery( am talking about women) even if they’re inside the house

they tend to have lots and lots of children.

they care so much about food,they cook more than once per day and not just any cooking, food that is rich in carbohydrates and fats. some of them even have  fried chicken or stuffed pigeons for breakfast! I had an acquaintance who did that.

they always think and behave,money-wise. for example I was having a conversation with a friend one day about which schools we’ve graduated from,and all of a sudden I find her telling me that her tuition fees were 21000 Egyptian pounds per year..what’s that about?? I didn’t ask her about how much money she used to pay,and am not interested either to know!! not to mention how horribly they keep bragging  about how much money they spend on shopping each season, and the huge sums of money they get monthly from their parents as their allowance … this is what I call Ignorance.

some of them still believe that girls should not work. because they might get to know guys and deal with people,which can ultimatley-harm them. in what way exactly do they support this argument,i have no idea.but I’ve seen people like that.i had a friend whose mother thought that way.its ridicilous.

Another segment of them are more rebellious, they have no sense of belonging to any culture in specific, they’re copy cats, they imitate others. you can find them.

dressing more provocatively than ever,and again,lots and lots of  jewelery.

They wear TONS of make up on their faces,they add so much powder to their faces that makes them turn into freaks,you can easily get scarred of them!

when you’re arrogant,and you think you’re one of  the richest people on the planet, that’s when you gradually lose friendships and support from others. What I want to say is that, Be real,Don’t be fake. I think people make themselves look so foolish when they don’t accept the way they live and want to be in someone else’s shoes. That’s it.


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    Aug 03, 2010 @ 23:52:26

    But u Said that when you’re arrogant,and you think you’re one of the richest people on the planet, that’s when you gradually lose friendships and support from others , thats not the only thing to make u lose friendship .. also when u get rich or think ur one of the richest people on the planet u Lose faith in God .. and u become either Drug Dealing supporter or Alcoholic which is a cause of losing faith in God .. LIFE BECOME MORE BETTER FOR HIM , and he forget about the Ending ( Youm El Keyama ) This is where money doesnt help .
    Also when they tend to have lots and lots of children. They concentrate on how to make these wealth bigger and bigger and forget about their children which cause the failure of them and becoming ( Drug Dealers or Only Users , Alcoholic , Fail in college , Smoke Cigarettes while still young , smashing Cars ( Maho Dady haysala7 , 2w Dady hygeeb 3’eirha ) .

    But in the End not all Nouveaux Riches people are bad , there are more than one example for good Rich people who tend to become rich to take care of their family and spread Islam’s Name all over the place , and they dont lose faith in God , There is the Success of the Nouveaux Riches People .

    Nice Topic .. I Love the Way u Write So Much … Good Luck .


    • Yasmine Wael
      Aug 04, 2010 @ 10:19:35

      I didn’t intend to generalize, definetely there are people out there who are,”new money” who deserve all respect and appreciation. It’s just that am tired of the seeing the examples I mentioned above in this blog,so I wrote my opinion and what I think. Thanks for replying


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