Julia Roberts,Botox and Hinduism

I’ve just got that piece of information, that Julia Roberts is a hindu,not a christian. I don’t know when exactly did she switch to hinduism , but I respect those who  strongly believe in their faith, and try to find some sort of inner peace.

she said in an interview with people magazine that she disapproves of the concept of  using Botox, in her own words she said: “I want my kids to know when I’m pissed, when I’m happy and when I’m confounded”. personally, I find it very wise. and why is that? because I think, that one should age gracefully, there’s no shame in having wrinkles and looking a bit older! its a phase that we all should and will go through.

plus,think from another perspective. she’s an actress,her whole profession depends heavily if not entirely, on her facial expressions and all that. how is she gonna perform when parts of her face just don’t work as properly as they should?!!

It’s horrible what some people do to themselves,I wonder if they feel guilty after the surgery is done. Plastic surgeries in my opinion, can help if someone had a major accident and their faces are completely destroyed,for example.

They have multiple plastic surgeries to alter their faces and their bodies, they look scary at the end because they’re all plastic! take a look at this please http://www.stylecaster.com/news/7371/top-12-celebrity-plastic-surgeries-gone-wrong

The thing is in my opinion, that sometimes people go too far. If they have enough money,they’ve got enough power. they do whatever they want because they already have everything.  To me, I think of them as those people who have done everything they could in life, and they wanna do something new,even if it means enlarging their lips to that extent,that they start to look really funny and have trouble pronouncing words..what’s that about?? is it like,am bored..what am I gonna do now?? oh!! better go and have my lips done!

It’s much better to have inner peace and acceptance of your own self. Although I know that not everyone is completely satisfied with their looks,but think of the consequences of such operations and how terrible you might look if you try to change how you looks!


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