Love:When age becomes a stumbling block

Love actually is all around, not dignified or news worthy, but we cannot live without it no matter how hard we claim we can.

It’s one of my life time wishes to see things change, because I always have this naïve day dreaming that there’s no hatred on earth and I’m only surrounded by the ones I love and who love me back too. But then I force myself to go back to reality and face the facts. What I’m wishing for can only be found in heaven, not on this planet…sad isn’t it??

I read Danielle steel’s novels, and I wonder, can someone have a very special devoted relationship with another, a love that defies all rules and social norms. Something that only the couple can see as something very special and satisfying while everyone thinks it’s insane??!!

Brings to my mind the story of Monica Geller and Richard Berk, in the FRIENDS TV Series. He was like 21 years older than her, her father’s friend, and is already a grandfather. I keep thinking how fate can be so twisted, who would have thought that when she was 9 and he was 30, they will one day hook up?? It seems insane and far from logical. Logic would say that she would be better off dating his son, because he’ll be the same age as her… but how can two people who have such a vast age difference, make it work??

I gather that this kind of relationship can be very tricky and risky. I think it can be ok in the first few years of marriage, but as he gets older, they’ll both be certain that they’ve done a huge mistake. Often they end in one of the partners committing infidelity, most probably the younger one. And it makes sense; she’ll be more attracted to someone her age, younger, healthier, and less rational and wants to explore things that he hadn’t explored yet. Some one that she can grow old with and learn life lessons with…

I’ve read about celebrities who married much younger men or women, that age is just a number. It’s all about love and the deep commitment towards one another…like Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, or Catherine zeta jhones and Michael Douglas, he’s almost twice her age and am still surprised at how these 2 are still together. But I have to say, I’m happy for them.

When I see these examples, I automatically get this impression that the younger spouse misses his mother or father figure. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I believe it. But it makes me sad when I see this, and I sympathize with those who think they’re in love with the older partner, when in fact they just need a father….

Here comes the hardest part, Goodbyes. It can be a must in a case like this, and will leave both heavy hearted and broken.or maybe not. maybe they’ll call it quits for good,or maybe they won’t say goodbye at all… I agree with the opinion that says that in life there are no guarantees…But love alone,cannot sustain a relationship.


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