The reason why am writing this, is because today marks the first day of Ramadan. For those who don’t know what Ramadan is, it’s the Muslim holy month. It’s known for being the month where Muslims fast from dusk to dawn, eat nothing all day, as a way to feel the hunger of the poor, and to teach them patience. There are so many reasons why God ordered us to fast,am not gonna go through them all,but I can say that it has lots of health benefits.

During the fasting hours,people are supposed to try not doing anything wrong,for example they shouldn’t lie,shouldn’t smoke,shouldn’t swear or use bad words etc..

also,it’s a chance for people to focus more on their religious and spiritual selves, they should try to give more than take,donate money to charity if they can,feed the hungry and the poor also if they can. it’s a chance for muslims to find some inner peace and reconcile with themselves,and others.

A good thing about Ramadan, is that people start reconnecting with one another,a chance to visit relatives that you haven’t seen for years,get in touch with your friends ,strengthen family ties and try to lead a more peaceful life.

all of the above is just perfect,if Ramadan is just about trying to achieve inner peace and all that. but take a look at all the crap that people do. it’s almost as if we’ve all forgotten what Ramadan is all about,its like Thanksgiving and Christmas put together…

instead of trying to change negative habits,people insist on doing them even more than before,knowingly or not,I mean this:

while driving for instance, and someone gives them a hard time,they start yelling and swearing like never before. what’s that about? if you cannot remember the reason why you’re fasting in the first place,why are you doing it?? Everybody knows what this month is all about,why can’t people try to control their temper?!!

It’s supposed to be this time of the year where you should lead the life of the poor,to experience how it would be like if you’re hungry and have nothing to eat.instead,people go in a grocery shopping frenzy before and during the month and start storing all kinds of food in their fridge,it’s almost as if there will be some nuclear holocaust and there wouldn’t be any food left in their supermarkets! what the hell is that?? they feel the need to compensate all the hunger they’ve been through for 18 hours straight. it’s really ironic when you find people gaining more weight than ever during this month..hello! it would’ve been a golden opportunity for those who struggle to lose weight but can’t.but you know,the exact opposite just happens.

Ramadan is famous for the delicious menus that house wives set during the month,especially the Ramadan deserts: Konafa and Katayef. they’re yummy.

what really bothers me, is that some people go too far with religiosity, to the extent that they lose touch with people during those 30 days,because they do nothing all day except cook for the Iftar(means breakfast,the 1st meal that we eat in Ramadan) and pray and read the quaran all day long. how about trying to invite people over for iftar and share some quality time instead of being in seclusion like that? how about some thinking and reasoning? why can’t these people do both? focus a little bit more on their spiritual selves and also,not to forget socializing with others and reconnecting with people. Being a little bit more religious in those days doesn’t mean losing touch with people. too much of anything is just annoying and WRONG.

another type of people do occupy themselves with something different. yes they fast,yes they pray, but they also pay so much attention to the TV and what’s being aired . it’s an old habit here in Egypt that during that month, there happens to be a massive production of TV Series and talk shows that it becomes really hard to follow all that,but halfway through Ramadan, you can find yourself just following one or two series max. but some people manage to follow-up with all the talk shows and might just forget what this is all about!

To be fair, there are those who try to balance things and make good use of this holy month,I wanna be one of those,but I lack sufficient motivation,this sucks,I have to get it done and do something that I can be proud of..Ramadan Karim Everyone


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  1. Saladin
    Aug 11, 2010 @ 05:00:38

    Ramadan Mubarak! Ma’asalama.


  2. Yasmine Wael
    Aug 11, 2010 @ 10:04:52

    Ramadan Mubarak to you too =)


  3. seasonsali
    Aug 11, 2010 @ 12:51:13

    Ramadan Kareem
    May Allah grant us all a life changing Ramadan this year. Ameen!
    Make dua at times where your duas are most likely to be answered – before breaking the fast, during your salah, Qiyam ul layl, the last 10 nights etc. May Allah answer and grant all of your duas. Please make dua for me too!
    Em Hanifa Tamil islamic songs – Punitha Ramalan + *Prepare for Ramadan
    We wish the best blessings of Ramadan to all. May Allah accept our worship and may He help us rejuvenate our faith. May He help us share the joy of this month with all our family, friends and neighbors.
    Welcome Ramadan – Zain Bhikha ( Music + Lyrics )+ *Prepare for Ramadan
    Source : Read more https://fashionista1988.wordpress.com/2010/08/11/ramadan/Ramadan


  4. seasonsali
    Aug 11, 2010 @ 12:55:23

    If a person does not avoid false talk and false conduct during Fasting, then Allah (God) does not care if he abstains from food and drink.

    (Prophet Muhammad as reported by Bukhari & Muslim)


    • Yasmine Wael
      Aug 11, 2010 @ 13:23:11

      Hello Seasonsali, thanks for linking to the post I really appreciate it.

      I know that God wouldn’t care if someone behaves badly during fasting, my point is that if someone is unable to appreciate and understand the sanctity of this holy month then they shouldn’t bother themselves and fast in the first place, or they might try to change their behavior for good.


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