Having some trouble,laughing

They say that laughter really is the best medicine, yeah that’s right i can totally agree with that. its just that nothing cracks me up ,nothing really makes me laugh so hard that I can’t breathe.

I like humor and laughing,and who doesn’t? but i really really hate it when I’m with a group of people or maybe just one friend, and they start laughing at stuff that I can’t find funny at all! so , to prevent looking dull or stupid , I pretend to laugh. which really requires a lot of effort on my part, in my head I’ll be thinking, what the hell is that?? how’s that supposed to be funny?? why the hell am I laughing?? I should have the courage to tell them, cut the crap,the joke isn’t even funny. but then again i tell myself..maybe some other time I might tell them about it, I don’t wanna make a scene and seem like the bad guy. but that never happens. and never will I suppose. I just don’t wanna hurt people…

I remember the last time I laughed till me stomach hurt was in June, I stayed really happy for a couple of days later on because of that “memorable” day,the day that I laughed so hard. how I miss it….

It seems that I’ve changed so much in previous years, I remember in middle school, each day was almost perfect. it was all laughter,laughter,and more laughter. i never faked laughing, it was all from my heart. and that was the main and only reason why I didn’t hate school that much during the 3 years of middle school.

So I imagine,what if i was friends with Mathew Perry or Matt le balnc or  the entire FRIENDS cast or Hugh Grant?? life would have been too good to be true, laughter all the way, the closest that I can get to finding Heaven on mother earth,… if only!

so here are some facts about laughter:http://noustuff.wordpress.com/2009/07/28/a-few-facts-about-laughter/. PEACE OUT


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