Just a year ago exactly at this date,I was coming back from the most exciting trip I’ve ever been to in my entire life! I was there to attend a workshop at Thompson Reuters in making Television News.

It has been really exciting for many reasons, It was my first time to fly on my own without my parents, Instead I was with a bunch of really nice people..and I started to like people who I actually never liked before,and i made some new friends..

also,it was my first time to visit London,i thought it was gonna be exciting,because I’ve always wanted to travel and know about other cultures and life styles

from that,I saw how friendly and helpful those English people are…. People always kept saying that the English are cold,stiff,unfriendly,arrogant,they won’t help you out if you get lost..and lots of crap like that,but I saw the exact opposite..!!! I can’t count the numerous times I got lost there and forgot my map in  my hotel room.. let me tell you,if it weren’t for these sweet people out there I probably would have spent the night on the street!! or maybe they sympathized with me,all pathetic and lost..maybe I was just too pathetic,I don’t know

The lifestyle there really benefits you, these people walk a lot. I knew that car owners had to pay taxes on their cars, in an attempt to decrease the traffic and, to use a more enviroment-friendly transportation. so I was forced to walk to the canary wharf station each day from and to the hotel where I was staying, walked A LOT in Oxford and Bond streets,and of course during shooting the reports we were assigned to do

a very interesting and yet very weird incident happened to me there; I was in Trafalgar Square in the heart of London, shooting my report, and one of my friends was with me. I can say with all confidence,she looked a lot better than I did, she was wearing  a short dress,high heels,her long hair laid back and you know, a chick ,to make it short. and what about me?? my hair had a huge volume from the humidity,,really it was twice its size,wearing a skinny legged jeans and a long sleeve blouse..more like a guy or a girl who isn’t that attractive you know,,but I made my peace with it,I didn’t care that much,I know I can clean up afterwards and look twice as beautiful as she was. anyway,we were walking and suddenly I heard a guy calling with this British accent : Excuse me! my friend didn’t hear him,I thought I dropped something by,I looked at him and said..yeah?? and he said: I just wanted to say how beautiful..(I immediately thought he was gonna say how beautiful I am,very weird) and he said ” Just wanted to say how beautiful YOUR FRIEND IS…i have to say I wasn’t very astonished

My reaction was the stupidest face I’ve ever done so far,,,I just said nothing ,I stood there thinking of a decent phrase to tell him,you’re the creepiest guy I’ve ever seen..I mean what was he expecting of me??? to call her over and tell her ,hey,someone thinks you’re beautiful?? of course not! by that time she realised I wasn’t walking beside her and she found me talking to some guy, she came over and ohhhh you should have seen the look on his face, his face just lightened up. i was about to say ok,i have to leave you guys alone,but instead I waited to see what’s gonna happen, he asked us where we’re coming from,how long we’re staying and blah blah blah then asked, why do you have a bible in your hand?? there were giving them for free in Trafalgar  Sq. maybe because it was a Sunday ,i don’t know. i told him i wanted to read it,and because they’re giving them for free so why not?? all this time I had a creepy feeling but I was too curious to try and stop it,but I knew I should get out of it.

and then out of the blues he asked my friend,what’s your relationship status?? she was startled and I said,she’s engaged..that was like throwing a bag of garbage at him. he seemed kinda disappointed.then I said OK we have to leave now OK bubye! and I grabbed her by the hand and we left.

Truth is,I’m engaged. and I wouldn’t care that much if that guy or this guy thought I was beautiful or not. It was an impulse,I guess deep down I felt sad somehow that I don’t look good. I like looking good,even if there’s no one around,it makes me in higher spirits..I blamed my self for not trying to fix my hair well before I leave,now I look like a dummy! but then again I say to myself,who cares?? who knows me anyway?! No one, so I shouldn’t be that annoyed..My fiancee likes me the way I am even if my hair looked like Diana Ross’s.. this is what counts.


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. blacklotus
    Aug 13, 2010 @ 21:44:38

    funny guy:) and nice experience..


  2. Miss Sunshine
    Aug 15, 2010 @ 10:03:39

    Eveybody can look great when they put an effort into it. Just because you didn’t feel like dressing up for ONE day shouldn’t make you feel down. You know you are a beauty in all other days.


    Aug 16, 2010 @ 02:53:24



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