Talking heads

That reminds me of Elvis Presley’s song, A little less conversation, a little more action please!

Every time I switch on the TV, I get  bored and sick of all the talking heads I see. The Arabs are only good at 3 things: Talking,Talking and Talking. Thousands of years ago before Islam, Arabs pioneered the art of poetry and literature, but nothing in physical sciences. these people were mainly some nomadic tribes, whose lives revolved around their “hand-made” Gods ,Grazing sheep,and trading. The reason why am giving this brief introduction, is because that I see history repeating itself ,again. and this is not good. let me tell you why:

In old times before and during Islam this era is called Al Jahiliyyah,Arabs had some sort of market,to exchange goods and most importantly,to show off some of their poetic excellence. and of course they were being paid, and by time it became like a competition to see who’s best at writing and reading poetry. The most famous “market” was called Okaaz. their poetry was categorized, from Satire, panegyric ,mourning the dead and gone and gallantness .

If you have read my post about Ramadan,you’d have known that In Egypt and the majority of the Arab countries, there happens to be a massive production of Talk shows and TV Series, specially during that month. whenever you turn on your TV set and start surfing those channels, all you find is Talk shows. entertainment ones most probably.

they all rely on provoking their guests, push them to start name calling each other, and the more insults and controversy there is, the better. it was something new at first and kind of exciting to see. but now, there’s too much of that stuff and they’re all imitating each other. talk about creativity.

on top of my head now am thinking Wafaa Al Kilany’s programme Bdoon Rekaba. I’ve never seen a more trivial-trashy talk show host other than her. thinking of the boring,repetitive questions she asks and her provoking manner of speaking really makes me sick. In my humble and modest opinion, tabloid talk shows like this shouldn’t be publicized or even heard of. its like re-living the ancient arab times, when their only concern was to talk talk. they can praise or insult each other but in the end,talking heads and no solid contribution to their society..isn’t this sad? and what can be the benefits for her as a host( other than her paychecks) that she can get out of all this crap?? you can find lots of her guests who get unbelievably provoked by her that they start to insult her, or embarrass her, or prove to her how lame and inaccurate her news pieces are. and oddly enough, nothing seems to stop her or her fellow tabloid junkies.

Al Jazeera’s talk shows, they give the perfect example for making, a no use talk show. its like they invite people with opposing arguments, the host tries as much as he can to provoke them both and heat the discussion as much as possible, and what do you get in the end? you get the worst headache ever, two people yelling and screaming at each other’s faces, the host,sitting there on his chair, carefully looking at them both ,or looking happy that he has done his job and what he came for ,and you can hardly understand what the hell they’re trying to say, because their voices are all overlapping, then the show closes. in my head I imagine a certain scenario,after they’re out ,the host gives them both their 50,000 Saudi rials,they both shake hands together and maybe go dine somewhere and bitch about the hell of a conversation they did earlier. take a look at this

there’s no point in hosting talk shows like this when we know ,that all the debates and arguments go into the trash at the end of the day. nothing changes, whether they’re talking about current events and affairs or condemning governments, we know for sure that our governments don’t listen to each and everything we say. so instead of wasting time,talking. we can find alternative,more creative topics to discuss, or launch brand new programmes with fresh ideas that were never done before. I’m trying to think of one myself,maybe I’ll catch something new and exciting. I’m tired of people repeating themselves… peace out


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