When I feel down, or that I have accomplished nothing in my life so far, my mind goes directly to one thought; why did God create me and send “me” to this world?

Everything has a reason behind it, we as human beings are limited in terms of  our knowledge and what we can achieve..that’s what I believe in.But despite all of this,I can’t stop thinking about the reason why I was created.

Is it to bring some kids into this world and raise them well, and prepare them to be multi-functional ,reliable and responsible? a lot of people do this,in fact, that’s what’s the continuity life is all about.

is it that someday I will make a difference in my community and society, and really change things for the better?

is it to make myself an example to others, on how bad behavior results in some serious devastating outcomes??

If there’s a will there’s a way. If I want to be an active participant in my society, I have to work hard for it. If i want to settle for a more conventional,less active life style,then I will achieve it.

It’s the time in your life when you stand in the middle of no where and start questioning everything around you. I always think that God sends us messages all the time,It’s like He’s trying to tell you, Go that way..or don’t go that way…and some people just have a very sharp intuition and they work at it accordingly.

and for anyone who ever reads this post,why do you think God created you?? some just might not answer because they don’t know..but that’s ok.


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  1. two girls take on love
    Aug 20, 2010 @ 22:27:30

    Hi Yasmine,
    Great big huge important questions! I think we’re here to love. And not just when it’s easy! Given the assignment, it could take a while, but that’s okay.
    Infinite love and gratitude,


    • Yasmine Wael
      Aug 21, 2010 @ 01:25:30

      Wow!! I like your answer Cynthia, and if everyone agreed on that, it would make our lives a little less painful and a little more colorful! thanks for reading:):)


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