Work Place Phobia

I did mention before that I was more of an introvert. yes,you can try to change yourself and become better ultimately,but that doesn’t mean that the “real” you can ever go away. So in other words, people can’t change. They might cut their annoying traits a little. That’s all. You’ll understand what I mean in the upcoming lines.

So the thing is,  I was thinking  about what would it be like if I got a job. I’ve been staying at home for a while because I can’t look for a job now that my wedding is soon, and it’s not appropriate and not even (legitimate) to suddenly ask for a 2 weeks from work ( to go to my honeymoon)  when I’ve just started working! The feeling that I’m talking about here is like when you’ve just finished drinking a very hot beverage,and a second later you have some ice-cream..your teeth will hurt like crazy I know…

I’ve been accustomed for a  while now to this life style, staying at home,watching friends,talking or hanging out with real friends if possible,eating foods that I like  and finally, working out my wedding plans,which is very stressful and intimidating..

Anyways,the huge shift that will happen to me if I get a job and join a team of co-workers that I know none of Freaks the hell out of me.  One of my biggest fears is working with people who I hate and or can’t get along for some reason. You know some people can be good friends but just outside the workplace, but when you get to work with them, you might lose them. your minds can’t get along and there’s no way for you to meet the middle ground.. I always assume that the worst will happen.In my case it will be joining a team that I can’t get along with and or dislike completely.

My job,hopefully would be a TV show host, and because am a fresh graduate, I can’t host a programme on my own I would have a co-host. That’s fine I like co-operation. But from what I see in out local television,is that when there are 2 hosts, one always tries to steal focus and ask all the questions. I think you should always be organized when you’re working,and I also think that dividing the questions and distributing them equally between the 2 hosts would be the right thing. If one of them thinks of another question along the way,they should go ahead and ask,that’s fair,isn’t it? But we are not living in a perfect world here,nothing will go according to my goddamned plans! I will have to learn  how to deal with people like that the hard way.

In the real adult world,there’s no place for feelings,you have to get the job done,and well . I know that, but how hard can it be? it can be a lot easier if you like you co-workers and your minds meet. There is a sentence that is really catchy, I read on, “Here is something that I know about people who are off work: The longer you are off work, the less likely you are to ever return to work.” said Dr. Phil to someone on his show.That scared me a bit..

So I figured I should do 3 things:

A) Force myself to go to work , although I hate nothing in my life more than the damned routine.

B) Be myself, I will kick out all the bad and negative thoughts in my head,and stop thinking too much about how am I going to be perceived by my colleagues.

C) Accept new challenges: I’ll never know my limits or what am I really good at until I explore myself and rise to challenges .I will not chicken out..hopefully..


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  1. NetShare
    Sep 17, 2010 @ 12:15:41

    Thank you for putting this content here. It is purely informative, especially for me.


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