Funny,How the ways of the world are…

Being a middle-eastern person, I have different perspectives of the things happening around me,than the westerns,the Americans to be more specific. I can see another side to each and every story,because am on the other side of the world. and not all people think alike for sure.

Personally,I don’t support gay rights or gay people.I’ve got my own reasons to that no need to explain them here. You can visit these websites to know what I’m talking about.

What triggered me to write my thoughts down, was the news about that teenage gay sophomore student who committed suicide. I can see all the media frenzy about that incident, and I saw the comments of readers regarding that in other websites,phrases like,how sad… or doesn’t that make you cry?? Actually,it doesn’t. For me at least.

If people were really that sentimental,and can easily cry and be provoked, Our mother earth will turn into this huge river of tears because of all the injustice and cruelty in the world. In my head I was thinking: Gay or troubled kid hanging himself because he’s discounted from his community, and on the other side, children losing their parents because of war/AIDS/starvation. Or children living in constant fear that their house will collapse in any minute because they’re living in a war zone. Or children who were forced into slavery and prostitution in Africa and Asia..or those Philippino kids who worked until their fingers got bloody,for 12 cents and hour….the list could go on and on and on.

Let me tell you something, I don’t know much about the life of this young man who recently committed suicide. He might have been deeply troubled, or maybe he was on drugs,or maybe he was fed up with the ways of the world and there was nobody there to listen to him. It’s not about him being gay that made him discounted, It’s an attitude problem among people who weren’t raised to understand the concept of “tolerance” as they so claim to adhere to. And yes, it IS cruel to see a young man treated like this among his peers.However, there are things happening in our world that are way worse than some guy having a hard time at school.

I can’t fake sympathy,If I’m willing to sympathize with someone,It should be for those who can’t find a decent meal to eat or a cozy shelter…I find it ironic really,if our world is full of kind ,caring,thoughtful,charming people,why is there war in Iraq? or in Afghanistan?  Is that what being civilized and humane is all about?? sympathizing about a guy who hanged himself and find no sympathy for those elders who die alone and then found 3 weeks later half eaten by worms, for example??!!

These are societal problems as I see it, and it happens everywhere, and they never end. But war,fatal diseases,and starvations are not societal problems. These are the things that deserve real sympathy,attention and care.

And all these problems still persist. and nothing seems to stop. All am asking is a little perspective! Did you get my point?


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