Really lousy at throwing surprise birthday parties

Two days ago,My mother in law sent me a text message: Dearest Yasmine, Don’t forget Mohamad’s birthday today. Actually ,this wasn’t his real birth day. But due to several interruptions,it was postponed to October 6th.And he was pretty pissed at us because he thought that no one remembered it. we all did,but there was no actual celebration for it.

So we have secretly agreed that we shall throw him a surprise party at him parent’s house,We previously made our coordinations and everthing was set. No problems so far.

So it was 2 hours away from the start of the celebration,I called my fiance’ and asked him where he was, he told me he was out with some folks and they’ll probably go to the cinema to watch this horror movie…I panicked, if he goes to the movies, then our entire plan will fall into pieces….

I’m not proud with what am about to say,I was fooled,and so easily… He had already guessed that there’s birthday bash waiting for him, but he needed some confirmation.And I gave it to him on a Gold wait, its a Diamond Platter.

I’ve been engaged for two years to this man and still, he knows how to fool me!

I realized that throwing surprise parties is not that easy…

First: You have to make sure that the birthday person has no idea, or even a guess about it…Be ware not to let your tounge slip and or have a word vomit. Some people just can’t keep a secret…you can hardly rely on people like this you know.

Second: Make sure you know when is the Birthday person coming home,it would be a disaster if the person comes before the guests who want to surprize him…what kind of a surprise party is that?!

On another note I’d like to mention, it can be a true surprise if you do it a week before or even a month before the actual birthday.It happened to me 4 years ago. My friends back then surprised me exactly a month before my bday, it was so unexpected,such a joyous thing,and it came right on time! I remember that day I was horribly deppressed and it was such a great surprise to find them coming to my home with a cake ,pizza and drinks. It shows that someone cares enough, and doesn’t need a reminder on their mobile calender to remind them of it 2 days ahead..they remembered on their own.That’s was great…


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  1. mct88
    Oct 13, 2010 @ 21:32:41

    lol. yes surprise parties are either a success or complete disaster. there really is no in-between ground for these.


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