Rest In Peace MJ

Today marks the second death anniversary of Michael Jackson, The first thing that came to mind,is how his 3 children are coping now. It’s definitely better from the past two years,I believe that time is the best medication,or healer.

I was a fan of MJ ever since I was a little girl. I remember ,one of my cousins who was 7 years older than me,who used to listen to all of his songs and hang his posters on the wall,that’s how I got to know MJ in the first place.

I really liked his style and the way he moved and danced,and I was dying to imitate his moonwalk but to no avail,sadly. And I remained a fan ever since.I thought he was a “bad boy”, he had this song called Bad,and I believed he was bad…but I still liked this bad boy image,that didn’t harm my unlimited affection for him.

I went to London 2 months after his passing to attend a “Reporting and Television production”workshop at Reuters, and we were assigned to go to the streets,ask random people about what caught their interest most in today’s papers. A good portion of them stated Michael Jackson,the follow-up on his death case,what’s going to happen with the concert tickets that people had already bought and stuff like that. Many were really sad for his passing.

When I grew up a little,specifically in 1999 when he held his baby son “blanket” from the balcony, I remember all the ramble and gossip people started about him. To many,he seemed cynical in a way,or too extravagant. I’m not saying it was a wise thing for him to do,it’s not the best thing that he ever did,but the media shouldn’t have dealt so cruelly to him.

I mean,can these journalists really care that much about the little baby? it’s his dad who’s holding him,obviously he meant no harm! And no one,could have loved and cared for this little one as much as his dad. But that’s what the tabloids are for. All the gossip and ramble and mumble.

But this man,in spite of his somehow-weird behavior-he deserves to be respected. Between the years 1979 and 2003,the total amount of money that he donated to good causes was about 300 million dollars!

That’s a hell of a number..who would do that? That actually shows how humane and respectful that man was. He felt the pain of others and didn’t stand with his tail between his legs and did nothing about it! He’s proactive , and I respect that.

That got me thinking about one thing. All what’s left after death, is a memory. What matters most is what you leave behind ,because that’s how you will be remembered forever.

Fame,health,beauty,fortune all go away the minute the soul leaves the body. Actions are the only thing that accompany us in the land of eternity. And our memory is what lives among the others we leave behind.

“If you came into this world knowing that you’re loved,and left knowing the same,then everything in between can be dealt with” That was a quote he said when he was alive.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. rawmultimedia
    Jun 26, 2011 @ 16:01:51

    MJ rocks….One of my favorites of all time…I am so happy he left a legacy of music like he did.


  2. Yasmine Wael
    Jun 26, 2011 @ 21:40:02

    Yeah ,And I think his music will never grow old…upcoming generations will love to listen to him.

    Thanks for stepping by Richardo:)


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