A Letter to my baby


I did,am and willing to endure so much for your sake….

I might even sacrifice my happiness for your sake because ,in another sense,your happiness is my happines too…

I couldn’t verbalize how I felt when I first saw you,I was in a dream and I couldn’t believe my eyes…

I always talk to you in your sleep,I tell you everything I cannot tell the world. I day dream about you when you grow up and ask me for money so you can go out with your friends…or when I will yell at you for not studying…

It is my main concern to raise you as a happy,confident and healthy child,I owe you so much and you don’t even know it!

I am happy with all the changes you’ve brought into my life…Sometimes I wish I had a time machine so that I can switch to the day you were born and re-live it once more…Too bad I was in such a bad health condition that I couldn’t enjoy your very first days at home..But I remember the first time you looked at me in the eye when you were just two days old,my heart sank,and I couldn’t utter a single word..I just stared at you in utter amazement for your cuteness and how tiny you were,I kissed you and hugged you like a zillion times that day.

Now that you’re almost two years old,I want to tell you,that your smile is indeed,the world to me.

When you hug me,my heart sinks again and suddenly the world is a happy and peaceful. That life is like a  flower or something like that.

Ziad ,I am addicted to you,you are my drug.




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