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So I was stuck in a really bad mental phase for a while,a big while actually.

Negative thoughts,and self-inflicted negative energy. It’s ironic though that my Graduation project was about “Energy Healing” and how we exchange vibes and energy with people around us,and from nature. I did not realise the harm I’ve been doing to myself,I finally understood the meaning behind “What you see,is what you get” . I translated that into: What I imagine (see in my dreams) is what I get.


So to give you a better understanding of this,I’ll tell you my story which hasn’t ended yet. In short, I imagined my life when I will move to Qatar to join my husband as hectic,completely stressful,terrible co workers,horrible boss, a life full of shit,little time for myself,and last but not least,away from my mum. That is thing I hate the most.I’m not exaggerating here,that’s really what I had in mind.

So today while my son was taking his afternoon nap,I was browsing through channels and I came across a beautiful documentary called “The meaning of life” it’s in Arabic actually ,am translating here. Many successful public figures from all walks of life,talk about their journey and milestones while giving you some inspirational ideas and thoughts,

I was overwhelmed, I thought to myself ,how can I remove myself from this hell-hole,I concluded that I should start NOW. I don’t have much to do around here except taking care of my son, in day time he’s at the nursery,So i can write,take a new course,resume playing the piano,cook…anything!

So back to my future life in Qatar (if God grants me that opportunity). I know that a working mom is a hell of a job,being a mom is a full time job anyway,that most men are ignorant enough not to understand it! So having a job,dealing with my son and the housework,fixing dinner,and all that 5 days a week ..i don’t think it would be easy.I am accustomed to a lower pace of life,and I get occasional help from my mom too. So that would be a drastic shift to make.I wasn’t sure if I can handle that. But after that boosting doze of optimism,I said to myself ,heck!! I’ll take that ride and see where it takes me,I’m not that terrified anymore.

In fact,I need to prove those who give nothing but negative vibes,that they’re wrong.

Wish me luck


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