A stranger knocked on my door

At 7 am,that’s right. I was half awake and heard the doorbell ring… I didn’t look at my watch to see what time it is

I thought it was the cleaning lady coz she comes over twice a week,today was her 2nd day.

I opened up to see a strange lady instead. Veiled and dressed in black from head to toe,I was like,”who  are you?!!” She uttered some words that beggars usually say and said that her name is Ne’ma and she comes over every year !!

First off, I’ve been living her for almost 2 years and I’ve never seen u!

Secondly,in case you don’t know,we”re in Ramadan,where Muslims fast from dusk to dawn for 30 days. And it just so happens,beggars fill the streets. Cause they believe people tend to be more generous and kind during this time…but We got used to seeing this. However, ringing on my door at 7 am this is the creepiest thing that ever happened to me… I said sorry I gotta go,sorry I gotta go again and shut the door.

What was I supposed to do? Give money to some stranger who might be a con or a burglar or a prison escapee!
She can easily come back for more and I won’t be able to stop her…

Plus ,I think this is some sort of abuse…Why do u demand money from others when you”re not offering any service in return? Just because it’s Ramadan,does it mean that I have to give u money? Absolutely not!

Which leads me to think, a woman in her 30s who comes and knocks on doors climbs all those stairs might be in pretty good health. So why not work instead of begging?! God knows her true financial situation but because of the huge number of beggars,am starting to doubt the whole thing.

How she even got to the building,that’s another issue.the door is supposed to be closed and no one can enter unless one of the residents opens it for you through the intercom. Maybe the door was already opened. I dunno. But am scared.


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