The social media hoax

Have you ever felt that everyone else’s life is so much better than yours- Judging from their accounts on Facebook? You’re not alone !

This hoax, is when you give false impressions about yourself to your followers and friends on social media sites…you can type away about how wonderful your partner is,how good you are at your job and bla bla bla.

When the truth is, none of this can be real…such a sad fact of life.

Why do we write statues? Why do we share our images on fb? Maybe because it’s part of our nature as humans to seek peer approval and admiration…nothing wrong about that though.

What’s annoying is sharing an excessive amount of images and your plans on fb! I have a friend who does that,and gets not less than 30 likes per image! So I thought maybe she’s encouraged by all the likes and the comments,so she’s kind of addicted to it. Consequently,my newsfeed became loaded with her stuff that I have no interest in seeing in the first place,so the “unfollow” option came in handy.

Why unfriend them when you can easily stop their crap from reaching your newsfeed?

Oh and another thing, “public display of affection” on social networks.
I have another friend who basically does nothing but prove to the entire world how happy and successful her marriage is! It’s almost as if she has no life outside her family…she tags her husband in statues that can only be sent via private messages,like “how about a large pizza and sweet dumplings for dinner?”… Seriously,give us a break! Why do I need to know all that trivia about you and the hubby…clearly,am not interested. So again,” unfollow” or “I don’t want to see that ” coz it’s annoying!

Come to think of it ,a sign of a healthy relationship is having none to very little traces of it on Facebook. And why? Because I reach my partner in real life ,we communicate efficiently,and I don’t need to prove to anyone how happy I am,and I like to control the amount of info I share coz I like to have my own personal space,you know.

So to wrap it up. Leave those damned smartphones off your hands,quit living in your little cyber cocoon,get out there and SOCIALIZE.


The New Facebook

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Ever since I started using Facebook in 2007, just for sheer fun ,wasting time, and trailing my then “my only love”, it has been a true social networking site. Just a window that I can peak from and know all the gossip,who broke up with who,who’s teasing her boyfriend by posting new images of her with other guys…and the funny,sometimes interesting videos that my friends posted…

Not to mention the “interesting” sometimes, meaningless comments that we tended to post to each other now and then,and tagging very lame photos of each other and laughing our asses off. For me, Facebook has helped me re-connect with old school friends,those people who I thought will never see or hear their voices again,now we’re in touch and know a good deal about it each other,which is cool. To see that shy girl who used to sit at the very back at the classroom,now acting very baldly,skimpy dresses on,many boyfriends. Funny how people change you know.

But that’s not the point of this post,that was an introduction to the reality of Facebook before January 25th (The Egyptian Revolution). It’s true that many youth used FB platform to voice their opinions and organize events,political events I mean.But again,those events weren’t on the front line ,they were among other events and stuff,nothing really special about them so far,but our ex- government used to survail  all of that and would cross the line sometimes and detain young men and women for posting any anti-government comment or event.

So in turn,Many FB users refrained from posting,liking or even commenting or sharing any political links,events,notes done by others or any of that;passive internet users to cut it short.

During our revolution,that gap of fear and passiveness among youth has drastically changed, people weren’t scared of posting statuses  like “To hell with Mubarak” and other statuses  condemning the terroristic acts done by the government.

It’s like we didn’t care anymore if these statuses were surveiled or not, as if we had that gut feeling that Mubarak is leaving, taking with him all the past 30 years of oppression injustice and cruelty … Because the number of protestors were escalating by the day and nothing seemed to stop them . Not the rubber bullets,or regular bullets,or heavy beating,or even being detained and sent to nowhere like what happened with millions who dared to oppose Mubarak and his clan.

Many,if not most of the people became suddenly interssted in politics. they started sharing online news articles from various all-news websites ,others commented,others re-shared,others wrote their own notes about what they think should happen or what they predict would happen. every one seemed to be connected again,engaging in real meaningful online discussions ,it was that sense of liberation or something that I cannot describe.

A group of egyptian young people started their own online news broadcast,which quickly became very popular within a few days,they posted a minute by minute news flashes,they had their own team of reporters and photographers who worked hard to get these news items on time,and safe to say,most of them were accurate.

Ever since the revolution broke out,my news feed now has nothing but news,follow up news with what’s going on in Egypt specifically and the region in general. People have nothing to talk about except politcs  now!

I can hardly find in my news feed the regular stuff that I used to see before,tagged images of other friends, the famous”I’m bored” statues and stuff like that.

There’s this new facility in Fb now which is the “Question” facility,where you pose a question and provide 3 possible answers and let your friends answer them. Let me tell you,99% of what I see are all politics- related…

Is that a phase that will cease to exist at some point? Or is that the new Facebook in Egypt that will never go back to its original state?

I understand that what happened was a major thing ,which doesn’t occur everyday, I like to compare it to an earthquake,and we’re in the aftershock phase now. That this social mobility is one normal consequence for that revolution. It may last for quite sometime,God has the answer to that!

Peace out

Re-Devoted to Politics

Amr Moussa

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Ever since our revolution broke out on the 25th of January this year, The majority of us as Egyptians re-founded their lost interest in politics. In the past 20 years, Speaking your mind out about what you really thought of the president or the regime was considered a taboo.But the last 10 years of Mubarak‘s ruling had a teeny tiny bit of freedom,but again,with very strict rules.

And I can’t count the number of bloggers,journalists and political activists who were sent to detention camps because they thought they had enough freedom of speech…..

Anyways,am not willing to devote this blog to writing about politics. Am just happy with the political mobility that is on going these days in Egypt, and I am one of the people who use Facebook as their platform,to openly discuss which ever comes to mind and what we think of the potential candidates.

I never thought that a revolution could break out,better yet,result in ousting Mubarak and his clan. Which meant,having a healthy atmosphere for free elections. At the moment,we have 6 presidential candidates. I can say with all honesty, I feel torn,choosing between two tough and well qualified candidates. Having already ruled out four because they weren’t convincing enough,and seemed too daring,and willing to take uncalculated risks.

Those 2 that I think are qualified and capable for this stage are :

  • Dr Mohamed El Baradei: Worked as the General Director for the  International Atomic Energy Agency, and a Nobel Prize winner  for Peace in 2005. (Without going through detail of his programme or Agenda).
  • Mr.Amr Moussa: He’s an Egyptian diplomat who served as the Minister of Foreign Affairs for 10 years, was appointed as a permanent representative of Egypt at the United Nations for also 10 years, and held the position of the Secretary General of the Arab league .

That’s just my humble opinion,I might be wrong and I might be correct about those choices. Certainly all the potential candidates are now preparing for their up-coming campaigns and attending high rated talk shows to further boost their reputation and to introduce the people to their political orientation.

Definitely someone who opposes the 1979 Camp David Peace treaty with Israel is over estimating his power. Nevertheless,subjecting our country to endless negative complications that can occur upon cancelling this treaty. Our country is moving towards what we call a “transitional phase”. Almost as if you’re starting from scratch and trying to clean all the fungus that has been there for over 30 years. What kind of reform will that be when you push the country to a war with neighbouring Israel?! I’m not saying our army isn’t qualified,no it is. But you just cannot re-establish a country ,whilst engaging in a war with another country. That’s just what I think.

A Sense of Guilt

I can’t find the words. Ever since the revolution broke out in my country (Egypt), I had many issues inside my head that I wanted to write about, because so much was going on in such a short time frame. Things that were unusual for us-as Egyptians- to witness. Personally,I always wished for a revolution to happen,some kind of a modern version of the French Revolution.

For the first time,Facebook and twitter users were able to express themselves freely without fearing that the Secret Intelligence might be spying on them, or being charged with stirring or aggravating the public opinion. whereby, Many of my friends on Facebook started sharing news stories and articles, and we all participated and shared opinions, with no fear, with all due respect for each other. Many issues were coming up,and I held opinions upon each of them. But I guess Facebook statues and notes compensated WordPress back then.

It allowed better and quicker interaction,which was the most fascinating part for me, Maybe that’s why I didn’t blog ,because I have already expressed myself on the FB platform.

Nonetheless,I feel guilty for not writing here and using this blog. I’ve been blogging for almost a year now,and it had become an integral part in my life,something that I care and think about a lot.

Back to blogging now,Back to the joys of writing!

A break from Myslef

in 1...

The Faith, sculpted in stone from Badajoz -Image via Wikipedia

Have you ever had a very rapid mood shifts in one hour?? I do.

it’s so disturbing to have so many emotions all together,contradictory emotions I might add. this is exhausting I have to tell you.

Many things around me trigger such feelings, things I see on television, or read in newspapers or even read on Facebook or even videos posted on YouTube!

it all started when I got the link on FB about a new book,this book was originally a blog entitled “I wanna get married”,the blog became so successful that book publishers offered to publish it, and it was a HUGE success. then after a  while, someone decided to make a TV series out of it,and it is a huge failure (still airing now). the point is, i still can’t understand what made this blog so damn popular in the first place??!!

I got an answer from watching a popular night-time talk show,where the  blog author was a guest there, she said something about being spontaneous and speaking from the heart..because when you speak your heart out truthfully, it will reach people and touch them too.

Fine. I agree. but there are soo many bloggers who do speak their heart out and they make you feel acquainted with them the minute you read their posts,and there are lots of talented writers who have their own unique style..again, what made them soo damn popular like that?? is it luck? is it because their blogs are a novelty?? ( i mean talking about taboos maybe?? or implying a new trend in writing other than traditional arabic?) Maybe. I ‘ve asked my self a question and I answered it,that’s interesting.

while I was watching, I got depressed,because i lost faith in myself ,i thought i can never do something clever enough like what she did,and the irony is,she didn’t even plan to become a famous blogger or anything, it’s just happened. pure luck I guess, although I claim I don’t believe in luck.

then I thought,with enough will power and determination, I can do it. I remembered a line in one of MJ’s songs called keep the faith,he said all you need is the will to want it, and a little self esteem…well said . but I felt slightly burdened by that,because it’s as if am in a fight,fighting negativity and laziness all together!

then I felt happy because at least am Writing something instead of lying around doing nothing!

and now am saying, raising the bar too much isn’t good. raising the bar a little around would be just fine, yes the competition is fierce with the thousands and millions bloggers around the world, but nothing happens in a blink of an eye..God created the world in 6 days…

so now am not winning anything, just some mood swings and a never-ending chain of altering thoughts that burden me and make me see the world from a very dark narrow depressing stupid perspective! I need to catch a break from myself!

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