Dear 2013,I don’t know what to say

So 2013 is almost over and I haven’t done anything I had on my check list. Except losing weight.

My son has been taking most of my precious time , and to be honest, I was kinda lazy too.

I wouldn’t write any New Year’s resolutions. I’ve had enough of these boring check-lists that I never stick too. But I will only write what am thankful for,And what I’ve learned.

Going green ( or tryin to): I recently hopped on the eco- train and decided to implement a new sustainable life style. So I decided to walk instead of drive, but only when possible.
Save on energy by using fluerecent light bulbs instead of the incandescent ones. Also unplugging equipment when not in use.

The only thing I CANNOT do, is to refuse plastic bags. I’ll talk about that later on.

I’ve learned that people only talk to each other when there happens to be a mutual benifet. Seldom you find ppl who ask about u out of the blues…

That’s it for now I just got too sleepy and my mind cannot go any further… Will be continued.



Please,Don’t disturb.

I thought I should write about my new year’s resolutions and expectations , but something else triggered me to write about.

Graphic images. What is up with that?! I’m an Egyptian living in Egypt. And in case you don’t know,Our New years day was awfully sad due to the terrorist attack in one of the churches in Alexandria. The thing is,our most prominent news paper ;Al-Ahram meaning the pyramids,just today,published two horrible graphic images of the alleged suspect right on the front page. It’s disturbing,it’s terribly scary( to me at least,and kids I suppose).In short,I find it kind of rude.

Some people,like myself are too sensitive when it comes to stuff like that. I can’t watch an image of a dead corpse specially if it was severely battered ( those are the kind of images we are bombarded with in print and broadcast media).

If it’s really important to print these images, they might have just written a warning on the front page with a reference to the graphic images , because obviously,they’re not suitable for everyone to see!

It’s like you find yourself obligated to look at these horrible images,with no respect for people’s feelings or anything…

They stick with me,for like a week or something. You might find this childish,but I feel scared all day long when I see that by chance even.

The same problem persists in TV as well. Many all- news channels easily broadcast these images and or videos without prior warning…What if little children were watching? What if someone who can easily be “affected and disturbed” by things like that is also watching?! It’s insulting.

If I were an editor in some newspaper, I would definitely ban the printing of these images for the entire paper not just the front page. If someone is interested in that kind of stuff, they can just google it if they want to.Simple enough!

Just a question though,Do these newspaper editors think that graphic content is a human interest element or what?! My personal opinion: It’s too risky to generalize and think people will be interested.

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