I wanna be a grandmother

For someone who doesn’t have any kids of her own anyway, this need is, impossible.

what made me think about it was when I went to one my friend’s wedding last month. I saw how exciting and emotionally filled experience that it is. to have your son or daughter’s wedding, all the planning and the mixed emotions.. not to mention the feeling that all parents have when their kids are about to get married ( of course i know that from movies I haven’t experienced that) your little kids are grown up now, I bet that parents who get to that moment forget about all the trouble these kids have caused them one day, they’ll be happy for them, but sometimes its hard to let go. A real emotional roller coaster that it ,indeed.

when I think about my future,I always dream of having lots of grand kids,not my kids,grand kids. why is that? because its the easiest most sweetest thing to do. I mean my job as a grandmother would be to smother these kids,shower them with presents and candy, give them all what they want,let them play and stay up all night at my house if you want to…I think am gonna make a very cool grandmother.for you know,I’m gonna be the spoiler,that’s my job,at least that’s what I think and want…

I’m not gonna be in charge of anything serious here, except when I feel an huge urge to give them a small piece of advice,and to pass my knowledge and wisdom of all the years! am just being ironic here. but seriously, one way or another they’re gonna need someone to tell them what’s right and what’s wrong. let them hear some old sayings,that they’ll keep remembering even after my death, who knows? but again, its nothing serious, am just a spoiler grandma..

that’s how I want them to remember me when am dead. maybe one day they’ll read this blog and discover something about me that they never knew.. or maybe this blog would still be there when am over 50 years old, and I would search through my archives to find a very old post I made ..30 years ago.


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